On Behalf of the Earth...

As we see the instability of our natural world and in the world humanity has created; it seems clear that there is much uncertainty as to what our future may hold.  From the extinction of species to the dislocation of people from their homes, failed states, economic disruption and job scarcity, we face an unprecedented time in history which will only be more difficult to remedy as time passes.  At the center of this lies the problem and the solution: climate change.  The urgency to which we must address climate change cannot be ignored.  It is the future generations who will face the consequences, and it is up to us to start focusing on creating solutions.  

Our country has the opportunity to play a leadership role using our current political and economic system to a greater good, by enacting legislation that would provide a direct and transparent way to reduce emissions, stimulate the economy and create jobs in a way that could be duplicated worldwide.   This is a critical component to how we can address this issue and is also a fundamental purpose for my Senate bid.

It is an approach called fee and dividend, which charges a steadily increasing fee on carbon emissions at the source (mine, well, or port of entry), with 100% of the revenue returned to households.  Starting at $15/ton of CO2 the first year and adding $10 per ton to this fee each year, it would begin to bring about a shift away from our dependency on fossil fuels and point our economy towards a more sustainable way of being.  This solution would lead to the development of clean renewable energy, while significantly reducing CO2 emissions.  By returning 100% of the revenue to households, this legislation doesn’t increase the size of government but rather eases the transition for citizens away from a carbon-based economy.  

We can redirect the path we are on, and take on climate change in a form that matches the scale of the problem.